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Fast track your research

When writing fiction you wear many hats. Your characters are often experts in their fields, detectives, lawyers, financial wizards and the like. While you can't pick up an MBA over the course of a few weeks you need to remember you don't have to. You only need to play the part.

To fill in the holes in your knowledge try the following resources.

Quora. A question and answer site for smart people. The kinds of answers to specific questions on any number of subjects will more than convey authority.

TED Talks. Leading experts give inspirational talks on subjects that have great bearing on our lives today and fascinating conjecture about what kind of world awaits us in the future.

YouTube is an excellent source of information from the inane to the really in depth. I like to check out the history videos, they give overviews that are so useful for a fiction writer.

If you need to sound more convincing you could always take a course at Udemy. In this case, you really could pick up the equivalent of an MBA over the course of weeks if you really work at it.

What kinds of sources have you found to be really helpful in building out your fictional worlds?
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