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Writing in a coffee shop

Why has the writer heading off to work at a coffee shop become such a familiar meme? Back in the pre-internet day’s people spoke of taking their notebooks to jot down ideas in a coffee shop but it was never the office it has become for current day creative people.

I suppose the difference is the internet. The access to the vast data banks of info that allow you to nomadically work in a place of your choosing and still not lack access to a reference to any conceivable subject.

What else is there to the Coffee shop that makes it so attractive for the current generation?

The ambiance: The soft buzz of conversation. People coming in and out with the express purpose of sharing information whether social or business related.

There is the opportunity to meet people of a like sensibility and talk about what you are trying to accomplish.

To escape an unfortunate side effect of telecommuting, a coffee shop allows you to break out of the isolation and the monotony of working at home. The place is now set up for people who seek a social oasis from their hermit-like existence.

What are some of your favorite reasons for wanting to work from a coffee shop? Feel free to share.

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